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Web Designing

Web Designing

Whether you have strong design ideas of your own, an established brand, or nothing more than a logo, we listen carefully and apply sound web design principles to the task of developing your online brand. And we also bring with us a wide experience and advise on how best to bring your content to life.

  • Creative Service
  • Content Management Systems
  • Responsive Web Designs

Design services

Creantis is a versatile company with a team of many talents. Even though we are emphasizing more into development we have a strong designing arm. Our UI / UX designers have more than 10 years of experience and know the latest trends and tricks to dazzle your interface of the web site or the custom application. We even do logo designing and corporate branding.

Content Management Web sites

Content Management System Web solution (CMS) gives the ability to maintain the site yourself. We are able to provide a quick out of the box CMS solution using Wordpress or Joomla for your web requirement. These are Open Source solutions which can be customized according to your requirements. We customized the interface with attractive graphics and typography which suits your business theme. Once the site is launched, we provide training and user guides. A quick CMS solution can be provided within one or two weeks' time if you have all the contents ready.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment or the device screen size.

All our web designs have responsive layouts. We can make any old website to a mobile friendly responsive website. Talk to us today and we will help you rebuild your site.

Web Applications

Web Applications

Experience tells us that no amount of "off-the-shelf" software or "versatile applications" are going to resolve your business needs all of the time. We're constantly being challenged to develop custom applications to suit the varying needs of our clients.

  • Bespoke Online Solutions
  • E-commerce Solutions

Bespoke Online Solutions

Today's IT world, demand for online services become much higher than ever and bespoke application sites are being developed with advanced features. Further more and more stakeholders are considering to start purely internet based businesses, many of which require bespoke web base applications (for example custom content management systems, online property portals, e-commerce and trading solutions, and advance social media sites etc.). Creantis is geared to serve any requirement of yours, with our talented developers and designers. Talk to us today and we will provide the best bespoke web solution for your requirement.

E-commerce Solutions

If you require an e-commerce solution for your existing web site or you are planning to start a new website with e-commerce facilities, we can help you in building a bespoke e-commerce solution with advance functions .Our developers have more than 7 years of industry experience and have worked in many e-commerce based projects. If you would like more information, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you free consultancy.

Software Applications

Software Applications

We always strive to develop applications that provide flexible solutions for our clients varying needs. We have over a decade of experience of creating software and web applications that enable and empower businesses to solve their business requirements, whilst constantly innovating our existing systems.

  • Customized Software solutions
  • Software testing

Customized Software solutions

At Creantis, our experienced developers build exciting and engaging high-performance software applications and web applications. Our software development services help clients across the globe to react efficiently to the changing market conditions and customer demands.

Following an agile development methodology our clients stay involved during the development of software and apps, often on a daily basis, taking informed decisions throughout on priorities. Our flexible approach provides control of scope and budget, and transparency, with no last minute nasty surprises.

Software testing

Software testing as a service (STaaS) is a model of software testing used to test an application as a service provided to customers across the Internet. By eliminating the need to test the application on the customer's own computer with testers on site, STaaS alleviates the customer's burden of installing and maintaining test environments, sourcing and (test) support. Our experience software testing team can handle any level of applications and with experience we are capable of providing any 3rd party company our software testing services.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

This is Mobile age and almost everyone has a smart phone, ipad or a tablet. Mobile Apps and games are the world's biggest addiction now. Companies now have mobile apps along with websites which definitely simplifies customers' access to the information needed and to services provided.

  • iOS & Android Applications
  • iOS & Android Games

iOS & Android Applications

With the evolving technology keeping up to date becomes a challenge. Companies who doesn't adapt to the change will be left out. Many companies has seen their audience shift towards using mobile devices as the primary means of interaction with a brand, there for investing in a dedicated mobile strategy becomes ever more important. Talk to creantis and share your brand stratergy and we can help you across these challenges with a suitable mobile solution for your products and services.

Our high-quality mobile solutions for clients across the globe enable us to identify the ideal solution for both your business and users, choosing from a wide range of technologies and frameworks for the greatest possible efficiency, performance and flexibility.

iOS is one of world's most advanced mobile operating systems, continually redefining what people can do with a mobile device. Together, the iOS SDK and Xcode IDE make it easy for developers to create revolutionary mobile apps.

Building on the contributions of the open-source Linux community and more than 300 hardware, software, and carrier partners, Android has rapidly become the fastest-growing mobile OS. Every day more than 1 million new Android devices are activated worldwide. Android's openness has made it a favorite for consumers and developers alike, driving strong growth in app consumption. Android users download more than 1.5 billion apps and games from Google Play each month.

Here at Creantis our experienced mobile developers use these latest technologies and create bespoke mobile applications which will help you in providing better services to your customers. Talk to us now and we can help you build that unique mobile application for you.

iOS & Android Games

Creantis understands that making best games goes beyond just technical skill or graphics, and includes expertise at everything: from audio to video production, web-based framework development, QA, marketing and promotions, all the way to post-release support. There for we take each and every element into account.

Every game starts with a story. What will the player do in the game? What is his motivation? What makes him continue? Regardless of what type of story you want to tell, we'll work with you to craft a narrative that drives the game and engages the player.